Lime Studio


Ideas that deserve to be showed, selected from design competitions that Lime Studio took part. 

Tenk desk : Simple usable design , scalable and easy to manufacture the  Tenk desk  can fill spaces where a desk system is needed in batch numbers.   The Tenk desk can have customized fabric colours to adjust to the corporate   identity of the client or the demands of the interior designer.  The raised surface around the desk allows privacy and a space for attaching   

Dromeas international office design awards - 3rd place

Wooden umbrella designed for the Horeca industry , to provide shade for a standard two sunbed set the umbrella is simple yet elegant and can update any exterior space.

ID awards Greece - 2nd award

Aqua Carpatica : A bottle design for a premium water brand for one of the best water sources in Europe. The design allows the water to fall like a waterfall cascade into the glass, it has a distinctive elegant shape inspired by modern architecture. 

Honorable mention  - The perfect bottle  

The Abanico divider combines tradition and innovation. The Abanico is a product that has been around in Spain for many centuries. The divider utilizes some of its features that made the Abanico such a functional product, its ability to become flat pack by using pleated material and the rigidity added to the pleats by thin material inserts.