Lime Studio
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Initial collection 2006

The inaugural collection of Lime Studio on 2006.

Heirloom stool: The Heirloom is designed to function as a stool or an occasional side table. The seat rotates smoothly 180 degrees either way on a ball bearing pivot point to alternate its function.       
Its name is inspired by its design, being an object carefully designed to last.

Medousa light: Medusa is an exploration in material technology ,ιts stems are a combination of silicon and elastic titanium and the base from a thin shell of concrete. Medusa can take infinite shapes due to its elastic glowing stems with the white glow produced by the whole body of each stem from the base to the top. On the edge of each stem there is LED enclosed in a drop shape silicon diffuser. 

Frame light: Frame  floor lamp is designed using around the interaction with 25 LED’s. It is switched on/off by simply touching the aluminium frame, and can be programmed to emit 3 different light intensities.   Awarded by the Lighting association awards , 2007.